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The Ellis Company helps you build on your company’s long-term success

You’ve spent years building your company, and it shows in the success you’ve had to date. After all the years of hard work and personal sacrifice you’ve invested, you want to ensure that your life’s investment will be well cared for long into the future.

The Ellis Company alternative

The Ellis Company can help you achieve your objectives. As a private capital company, The Ellis Company and its partners buy selected businesses and work toward their long-term appreciation. We make a serious commitment to support each company’s growth and prosperity. Our goal is to keep your company operating successfully. We like to retain its name, management, identity and independence, making as few changes as possible.

What we look for:

In general, our company doesn’t get involved in start-ups, turnarounds or venture capital deals. We focus on the acquisition of well established, well managed, profitable businesses.

Typically, The Ellis Company considers multiple factors in choosing companies to acquire:

  • Annual sales revenue between $5-50 million
  • Diverse, stable customer base
  • Non-cyclical revenue stream
  • Consistent cash flow history
  • Low-tech product lines
  • Low future capital expenditure requirements
  • Strong middle management team
  • Preferably located within 150 miles of Fort Wayne, Indiana


            Safe-Way Door is a leading manufacturer and distributor of


            DOXA INSURANCE HOLDINGS is a Midwest domiciled private equity


            Precision Color Compounds is a custom plastic compounder of


            As the leader in the solid surface industry, Leading


            Sports Insurance Specialists is a sports and special events


Jasper Plastic Solutions is a manufacturer of high density urethane foam products. Located in Syracuse,


Hudson Aquatic Systems, LLC is a worldwide leader in the aquatic physical therapy equipment market.