Our capabilities

The Ellis Company and its partners own substantial interest in numerous companies. We’ve had many years of experience in buying a wide range of businesses – from fiberglass products to institutional food marketing, to metal spinning and forming.

The Ellis Company has a proven track record. Our group has extensive experience as corporate managers and directors in various industries and situations. We’re skilled in overcoming the obstacles and acknowledging the intricacies that may be involved with any such transaction.

In addition, we have our own pool of equity capital, as well as access to significant additional capital from a variety of institutional and private investors with whom we have excellent working relationships.

Supporting your company’s prosperity

We invest in well-run companies, not companies we can run well. When we acquire a business, we work hard to make the transition as seamless as possible. We offer management teams the opportunity to co-invest with us. We do not seek day-to-day control, but rather provide existing management the necessary tools and discipline to facilitate growth. Our management team assists each company with their specific needs.

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