As the leader in the solid surface industry, Leading Edge Fabrication specializes in the production of large-scale counter creation for kitchens, bathrooms, medical, desk, and more. More information regarding their areas of expertise can be found here, or read some of their capabilities below.

Military Housing:

Leading Edge is more than able to design, fabricate and deliver counter tops, shower enclosures,  thermoformed sinks and vessels for the largest of Military Housing projects.

Our design team can work with your architects and designers to plan and implement the best possible designs to fit your needs and your budget criteria.

Medical Applications:

Doctor’s and Dentist’s offices, patient rooms, emergency rooms, operating rooms and suites, nurses stations…the list can go on and on what Leading Edge Fabrication can do for the Medical Industry. Our innovative mindset along with our design team of engineers and craftsmen allow us to conceptualize, build and then reproduce any type of surface that you need to make a hospital the most sterile and aesthetically pleasing place in your community.

Student Housing:

The subject of Student Housing can be a wide and varied one ranging from counter tops in both the dorm kitchen and bath to window sills, shower enclosures, built ins, decorative architectural elements to desks. Architects and large contracting firms know how much a reliable solid surface fabricator can make not only their job easier, but kick the quality and look of the entire project up a few notches. Let Leading Edge Fabricators LLC scroe a touch down for you and your team as we collaborate on your next educational project be it an elementary, secondary, collegiate or post graduate level institution.


The Hospitality Industry and Leading Edge Fabrication go together – just like peas and carrots. Whether a new construction project, a minor make-over or a complete renovation – the addition of a competent, reliable solid surface fabricator can be the difference between a rally bad experience and a really excellent one. Working with your architects on the design and with your GC on the installation, our team will make sure that your counters, sinks, sills, showers and thermoformed components work and look as good in the real world as they did on paper.

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